This Article is an introduction into the Firewing Color TFT Library.

It was mentioned on the Forum about a possible "Firewing TFT Library", and David Barker suggested a possible TFT Shield which he may look into and which happend to be the same one as I just recently received, And wanted to implement with Firewing, and share with the community.

I managed to get the TFT shield up and running with a basic Module that I put together for Firewing and then David Barker done the rest and has done a great job with the Graphics and implementing the whole Color TFT Library for Firewing.

The TFT Shield we used

The Design of the Firewing TFT Library was based around a 320 x 240 pixel TFT Shield 2.4 TFT Display (Model: IM120417012). The TFT driver for this TFT Display is based on the S6D112 with 8bit data control interface, One of the great things about this shield is that its pin compatible with the Firewing main board, Another great feature of the IteadStudio shield is that it also features an on board SD Card slot which is also compatible with the Firewing SD Card Library.

Currently the Firewing Color TFT library supports S6D1121 320 x 240 colour display. Library is designed so that new drivers can easily be added.

I have fully tested the board with several SD cards, even an SDHC class 4 Card found here: 4gb memory card


(There is actually a small modification which is needed to the SD card slot).

As the SDO line is an open collector we found that the SDO line needed a 10K pullup resistor connected to the 3.3v line for the SD Card to work correctly.

A pullup on SDO is pretty standard practice, not sure why Iteadstudio has left this out.



Pin Layout

Diagram of the pins used by the TFT Library to control the IteadStudio TFT shield (Touch Screen pins not included).

The Touch Screen feature will be something that I will add in the near future and share. So check out the forum announcements.  

**Pin - Download the Pin Layout PDF.






Image Converter

David Barker as also kindly put together a Image convertor plugin. To generate new bitmaps for the TFT graphics library.

This is a great tool if you want to convert your images and load them onto an SD Card to display them on the TFT display.

Check out the SD Card video Demo below which shows an example of reading the images from the SD Card.





Video Demo Links:

Below are some Demo programs to show some of the great features of the Firewing Color TFT Library.


 * Animation Demo





 * Squares & Circles Demo





 * Spectrum Demo





 * Loading pictures from SD Card Demo