Download the free to use, unrestricted Firewing for PIC18 compiler here. Supported devices include 18F25K22, 18F26K22, 18F45K22, 18F46K22 and 18F14K50 (USB). Don't forget, this board will also work with ny Microchip 8 bit compiler. Some examples include the Microchip "C" Compiler, Swordfish, PICBASIC PRO or the PROTON Development Suite.


Firewing hardware is based around a powerful Microchip 8 bit microcontroller that can can be clocked at up to 64MHz. An easy to use USB interface is provided, enabling you to both program your board and send and receive serial data to and from your PC. The board can be powered from the USB port or by an external supply, providing both 3.3v and 5v supplies for any connected shields or devices.

There are 21 input / output pins, 6 of which can be configured for analog input (ADC) and 2 for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Simply plug in some devices and sensors into the sockets or use a dedicated shield to get things going. The board itself is pin compatible with the Arduino UNO.

Feature Summary

Board Dimensions : 69mm x 53 mm
Weight : 24g

Installing the USB Drivers

Click on one of the following links for instructions on how to install the USB drivers for your particular operating system.

Main Board Pins

You can download a PDF of the above diagram from here.


Architecture8 Bit
Flash ROM32 KB
RAM1536 Bytes
Operating Voltage5.0v or 3.3v (selectable)
Operating Frequency64 MHz

Input / Output

Total I/O Pins21
Analog Inputsof which 6 can be configured as analog input
PWMof which 2 can be configured for hardware PWM
External InterruptsMultiple
Pin Voltage5v or 3.3v
Pin CurrentSink or source 25mA

PC Interface

ConnectorMini B


Power Connector5.5mm x 2.1mm centre positive
Input Voltage6V to 12V (9V recommended) - see note 1
5V800mA available - see note 2
3.3V300mA available - see note 3
  • Note 1 - Regulator maximum is 20V, but may cause too much heat over 12V
  • Note 2 - 500mA maximum when powered from USB
  • Note 3 - Taken from 5V current



  • Firewing for PIC18 loader firmware. Includes pre-built *.hex file and source files.
  • Firewing USB firmware. Version 1.1. Includes all source code and CDC windows driver *.inf file.

Firewing to PIC Pin Mappings

The following PDF files give the actual PIC microcontroller pin name for each Firewing pin.