The following library modules are implicitly linked into your main program, if required. That is, you do not need to place an explicit "import" statement at the top of your program, if making a call to any of the following library routines.

  • ADC - Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) routines.
  • Console - Simple RS232 communication.
  • Convert - Number to string and string to numbers conversions.
  • PWM - Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) routines.
  • Strings - String manipulation routines.

The following library modules need to be explicitly linked into your main program using the imports keyword, if required.

  • RX - Buffers incoming RS232 data.
  • UART and UART2 - Serial communications modules.
  • Math - Floating point math routines.
  • OW - One Wire (OW) routines.
  • SD - Secure Digital (SD) card FAT32 routines.
  • I2C - I2C routines.
  • LCD - Hitachi HD44780 compatible Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) routines.
  • LCDDogm - EA DOG series LCD routines.
  • Shift - Software based shift routines.
  • GPS - Interrupt driven GPS module.
  • Timers - Interrupt driven timer module.
  • DS18B20 - Dallas OW temperature sensor routines.
  • DS1307 - Dallas OW Real Time Clock (RTC) routines
  • DS2404 - Dallas OW switch routines.

More library code can be found here. Firewing sample code can be found here.