For an article on using the Firewing GPS SD Shield, including sample code and conversion utility allowing data to be displayed using Google Earth, please see here. Arduino users can find some sample code here.


  • Shield designed to work with Arduino or compatible main boards. Standard shield size.
  • Uses GMS-G9 GPS module with embedded antenna.
  • Onboard micro Secure Digital (SD) card slot.
  • Large prototyping area.
  • Reset button.
  • Software can control power to main GPS module - extremely useful in low power control environments.
  • Breakout pad for software power control - reroute power control to alternative header pin.
  • Breakout pad for GPS module backup battery.
  • Breakout pads for GPS RX and TX - reroute UART to alternative header pins.
  • Breakable link for SD card Chip Select (CS)
  • Onboard LED showing GPS fix.

Board Dimensions : 69mm x 53 mm
Weight : 25g


  • You can purchase this board from here.

Shield Pins

  • D2 : GPS TX - This pin has a breakout pad, allowing it to be connected to any other available shield pin.
  • D3 : GPS RX - Can be used to configure the GPS module. For more information see here. This pin has a breakout pad, allowing it to be connected to any other available shield pin.
  • D4 : GPS Power - A logic one (high) will power up the GPS unit and a logic zero (low) will power the unit down.
  • D9 : Card Detect - This pin is disabled by default. Enabling this option will require an optional link to be soldered onto the GPS board. If enabled, a zero on D9 will indicate that a card is inserted.
  • D10 : Chip Select (CS) - A logic one (high) on this pin will enable the SD card for reading or writing. A logic zero will disable the SD card. An optional breakable link is provided on the board which can be cut and a jumper soldered in its place. This is very useful if you have multiple shields with SD cards sharing the same CS line.
  • D11 : SD Card Data In (DI)
  • D12 : SD Card Data Out (DO)
  • D13 : SD Card Clock


A schematic for this shield can be downloaded from here.

Arduino Code

The following Arduino code has been tested with this shield.