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Reference: TypesModifiersConstants

Core Types

TypeBit SizeRange
Boolean1True or False
Bit11 or 0
Byte80 to 255
SByte8-128 to 127
UShort160 to 65535
Short16-32768 to 32767
UInteger320 to 4294967295
Integer32-2147483648 to 2147483647
Single321.175494e-38 to 3.40282346e+38
Double642.22507385e-308 to 1.79769313e+308
Char8Single character
StringVariableMultiple (up to 255) characters

Variable Modifiers

Byte, SByte0..7, Bits(0..7), Booleans(0..7)
UShort, Short0..15, Bits(0..15), Booleans(0..15), Byte0, Byte1, Bytes(0..1)
UInteger, Integer, Single0..31, Bits(0..31), Booleans(0..31), Byte0, Byte1, Byte2, Byte3, Bytes(0..3), Word0, Word1, Words(0..1)

For signed types there is an additional boolean

SByte, Short, Integer, SingleIsSigned

Promotional Modifiers

Variable TypeLegal Promotional Modifiers
Byte, SByte, CharAsUShort, AsShort, AsUInteger, AsInteger, AsSingle
UShort, ShortAsUInteger, AsInteger, AsSingle

Inbuilt Constants

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