Firewing can generate code for different devices if a *.bas device file is supplied and a suitable toolsuite is installed. For example, the Swordfish for PIC18 Toolsuite, Microchip 16 Toolsuite or Microchip 32 Toolsuite.

Install System Generator

To add new devices, you need to download the following software:

  • - Automatic device creation software (8 bit compilers).
  • - Automatic device creation software (16 bit compilers).
  • - Automatic device creation software (32 bit compilers).

One of our forum members has created versions of sysgen08 and sysgen16 that will work with MPLABX files and do not require MPLAB (The 16-bit version also adds support for building device files for the PIC30/dsPIC33 families):

You must have the latest version of MPLAB installed. The above program has not been tested with MPLABX. You will also need to ensure you have Microchips XC16 or XC32 compiler installed if using a Microchip toolsuite. The software uses various files supplied by MPLAB (*.dev files) and XC16 or XC32 (*.gld and *.inc) to try and construct the files required by the compiler.

Just unzip the software and place in a folder that can be written to. It is essential you have write permissions, as the new files will be dumped in a sub-folder called "NewIncludeBASIC".

When you have generated the new files, place the device you want to use in the Firewing includes folder. For example,

  c:\program files\mecanique\firewing\includes\24FJ64GA002.bas

Please note that for Windows 7 users, the paths to the include files will be a little different. Something like:


To use the new device in your code, just use:

device = 24FJ64GA002

at the very top of your program. You should see the device change in the code explorer window, like this:

A Word Of Warning

Don't just copy all of the files to the include folder. The main device file supplied by Firewing has been hand edited. You don't want to break it.

Take a look at the file generated. Remember, it may need tweaking - refer to the datasheet. Also note that Microchip, on occasions, have the wrong information supplied in their own files!

System Generator Source Code

You can download the source code for sysgen08, sysgen16 and sysgen32 here

The project files should build with Delphi 5 or above. Both are basically hacked versions of an old 8 bit generator so it's all a bit tatty, but they should work OK. If you make any changes or port to a different compiler, please make the source and executable available in the public domain. Thanks.