This program can be used with the Firewing GPS shield to log the date, time, position and speed to a card inserted into the shields Secure Digital (SD) slot.

Program Listing

' import gps and sd card modules...
imports Gps   
imports SD

' format time field...
function FormatTime(time as string) as string(9)
   return Mid(time,0,2) + ":" + Mid(time,2,2) + ":" + Mid(time,4,2)  
end function

' format date field...
function FormatDate(date as string) as string(9)
   return Mid(date,0,2) + "/" + Mid(date,2,2) + "/" + Mid(date,4,2)  
end function

' typical sentence formats...
' $GPGGA,125554.000,5435.1610,N,00058.6233,W,1,5,2.06,72.2,M,47.3,M,,*72
' $GPRMC,125554.000,A,5435.1610,N,00058.6233,W,0.05,58.17,041112,,,A*4F
Sub Main()
   dim rmc as string(100)      ' RMC sentence
   const filename = "gps.csv"  ' data filename

   ' delete previous file from SD card, if present...
   dim sdAvailable as boolean = SD.Init() = errOK 

   if SD.FileExists(filename) then
   end if  

   ' now create a new file...
   if not SD.FileExists(filename) then
   end if 

   'loop forever...
   while true  

      ' have we got an RMC sentence - if yes, process data...
      if Gps.IsRMCAvailable(rmc) then  

         dim data, bearing, speed as string
         dim lat,lng as string
         dim haveLat as boolean = false
         dim haveLng as boolean = false

         ' get latitude and longitude in WGS84 format - this format is used
         ' by most visualisation applications - for example, google earth - note
         ' that the sentence may be valid but the field may be empty...
         if Gps.GetField(rmc, 2, data) and Gps.GetField(rmc, 3, bearing) then 
            lat = Gps.ConvertToWGS84(data, bearing(0))  
            haveLat = true
         end if   
         if Gps.GetField(rmc, 4, data) and Gps.GetField(rmc, 5, bearing) then 
            lng = Gps.ConvertToWGS84(data, bearing(0))
            haveLng = true
         end if

         ' if the SD card is available and we have valid (none empty)
         ' latitude and longitude data...     
         if sdAvailable and haveLat and haveLng then 

            ' get the speed - if the first speed character is greater
            ' than zero then open the file and record the event...  
            Gps.GetField(rmc, 6, speed)
            if speed(0) <> "0" and SD.Append(filename) = errOK then 

                  ' write the date...
                  Gps.GetField(rmc, 8, data)
                  SD.Write(FormatDate(data), ",")

                  ' write the time...
                  Gps.GetField(rmc, 0, data)
                  SD.Write(FormatTime(data), ",")

                  ' write lat and long...   
                  SD.Write(lat, ",", lng, ",")

                  ' now write the speed...

                  ' write end of line and close the file...
            end if  
         end if        
      end if
   end while
End Sub