The MPLAB install files were kindly created by Jerry Messina. You can download the files and a PDF guide on installing from here. The installation procedure has been tested using MPLAB version 7.6 or higher running on Windows™ XP and 7 OS.


The first thing to do is make sure the command line version of Firewing is present in you main installation folder. For example,

 C:\Program Files\Mecanique\Firewing\Firewing.exe

Next, you need to locate and copy FirewingBasic.mtc and TLFWBasic.ini so that they reside in the MPLAB third party support folder (MTC Suites). For example,

 C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\Core\MTC Suites\FirewingBasic.mtc
 C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\Core\MTC Suites\TLFWBasic.ini

After the above files have been installed in the MTC Suites folder, you need to run FirewingMTC.reg (if you are running a 64 bit OS, then use FirewingMTC 64 OS.reg). This ensures that the correct registry entries are created so that MPLAB recognises Firewing as a compiler toolsuite.

In summary:

  • Ensure Firewing.exe is present in your main Firewing installation folder
  • Copy FirewingBasic.mtc and TLFWBasic.ini into the MPLAB MTC Suites folder
  • Run FirewingMTC.reg or FirewingMTC 64 OS.reg.

Additional Notes

The device name selected in MPLAB is passed to the Firewing command line application during compilation. If you specify a target device from within your main program, the value passed by MPLAB will be ignored by the compiler.

When compiling in MPLAB you can select among the various Firewing toolsuites using the Project Build Options window (Project | Build Options.. | Project)

Under the Project Build options select the Firewing BASIC Compiler tab. There you'll find an entry for the Compiler selection. To use the standard Firewing16 toolsuite, select '16', 'Apply', and 'OK'

If you wish to use an alternate toolsuite, this is done using the '-t' option in the Additional Command-line Options.
For example, to compile using the Microchip 16 toolsuite add the option -t"Microchip 16"