You can use the following programs to test you FT800 setup. The routines in the Firewing FT800 library are modelled very closely on the routines used by the Gameduino. You can therefore use the Gameduino documentation and sample programs as starting points for your designs. I have also tested the programs with the VM800B43A module by FTDI. The Gameduino version is a shield, which makes it literally plug and play with a Firewing board. The VM800B43A is a really nice unit with optional bezal and mounting frame, making it ideal for both prototypes and final products. The quality of the FT800 is superb. Because the graphics are handled by a dedicated chip, you can drive these displays using a little 8 bit device and get stunning results.

Here is a link to a Gameduino video showing what can be achieved using a simple 8 bit micro. But don't think these displays are just for gaming! The FT800 has many native functions that enable you to create gauges, scrollbars, clocks, switches as demonstrated in this FTDI video (they are shown at about 2:26 into the video so stick with it!). I've also updated some videos showing what can be done with an FT800 and Firewing

Hopefully the following code will help you get started.

The zip file includes a number of programs, some of which require images to be located on an SD card. The Gameduino has an SD card slot built in. If using the VM800B43A, you will need to use a shield with and SD card slot. I tested the using the VM800B43A using a Firewing SD shield which can also be used in the RTC clock example.

  • progClock - Requires an SD card but no RTC - seconds are achieved using DelayMS(). Remove the DelayMS() and see the clock whizz around at about 30fps!
  • progRtc - Same as above but uses a RTC to update the clock.
  • progJPeg - Requires an SD card.
  • progLogo - Requires an SD card. Nice animation which shows some interesting techniques. Based on an original Gameduino code sample.
  • progRadar - No SD card is required. Impressive realtime rendering. Again, this is a port of a Gameduino code sample.
  • progText - No SD card is required. As simple as it gets.
  • progTile - Requires an SD card.