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Firewing: ProtoShield


This shield is a double sided Arduino compatible unit, based on a very popular design by Majenko Technologies. The prototyping area comprises of paired holes, which is an extremely useful feature as many prototyping boards just have single holes. A board with single holes can make connecting wires to components a real pain. However, with paired holes, you now have somewhere to solder the component and solder a connection wire. The paired links are exposed which means you can easily break them if required. In addition, the board has a collection of surface mount pads on each side with break out areas making this a very comprehensive shield indeed.

Board Dimensions : 69mm x 53 mm
Weight : 10g


User Feedback

geoff138 on the Firewing forum notes

"To stop other others scratching their heads! ...Both the GND strips by the SM pads are connected to the connector that plugs in to J5 pins 6&7 on the R2 board. The GND strip at the end of the board connects only to J6 pin 7. Their is NO connection between these GND's until the prototyping board is plugged into the main Firewing board which can cause confusion when continuity checking!"
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