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Re: LCD Plus - Demo code with 3 line LCD

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:11 am
by David John Barker
> Anyway it is cause R2-BLUE main board, using 18F25K22, does not have hw-pwm in pin 26 (RB6 port), right?

The R2 Blue board (PIC18 devices) cannot support hardware PWM on D3.

> Do u mean that dimming is actually made using hw-pwm feature?
> I thought that dimming would have been made by software

It is through hardware on the R2 for 16 and 32 bit devices only. If you want to use software for the blue board, something like the attached should work.

> 16bit and 32bit versions of R2 have different boards and due more flexible cpu they run demo ok?

> From where is that _board_id actually digged out? by compiler?

The compiler