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Postby David John Barker » Tue May 20, 2014 9:56 am

A new version of Firewing is ready to download

This has some important compiler fixes. In addition, the install has library support for the FTDI Eve (FT800) graphics chip. The library has been tested with a FTDI VM800B43A and also a Gameduino 2. The library interface follows very closely the Gameduino 2 interface, so much so that you can use the Gameduino 2 documentation. For example,
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#option _gccOptimise = Os
imports Ft800

sub main()
   Ft.cmd_text(240, 136, 29, OPT_CENTER, "Hello FT800") 
end sub

I will try and post some sample programs on the wiki soon. However, feel feel to drop me an email if you want me to email them to you straight away...
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